AWARENESS: Photographic Dialogue of Two Worlds on One Land

AWARENESS is a photography exhibition of the fragile and not always perfect coexistence between two worlds on one land. The project has evolved from photographing everyday interactions between humans and nature. 

Aldo Leopold’s notion from 1949 that “Land-use ethics are still governed wholly by economic self-interest, just as social ethics were a century ago“ still rings true today. Why do we only protect the parts of the biota which we eat, sell, or use? Would it be so outlandish to consider the designation of rights to nature?

 We invite you to the exhibition Awareness: Photographic Dialogue of Two Worlds on One Land. Photography by Paula Malinowska, curated by PAKTA STUDIO. The opening will take place at 18:00 on 17.1. at the PAKTA STUDIO Workshop & Store in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Head over to the AWARENESS Facebook Event to stay updated.


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