Introducing "DERIVAT": A bag made exclusively from leftover fabric

DERIVAT is a new, small bag designed for everyday wear. As its name suggests, DERIVAT is made purely from leftover fabric, generated as part of our making and innovating process. In an aim to minimise our waste, as part of our production we keep scrap fabrics rather than disposing of them, with the intention of utilising them in other ways. 

DERIVAT has an adjustable strap, connected to the top and side of the bag to allow it to sit comfortably on your front left-hand side. Designed to be an additional pocket, it can be easily be opened with one hand due to its stainless steel swivel-eye carabiner. It comfortably holds a phone, keys, wallet and more.  

Every piece is one of a kind as it utilises both sewing and screen printing scrap fabric.

It will exclusively be made when scrap fabrics are available to produce them, and will debut at GRAPE festival 2018 in Piestany, Slovakia.

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