Let's sow


Keep your spirits up during the quarantine, by a doing something good for yourself and for the environment. This week we're sharing a tip on how to grow veggie from scraps for some 'perpetuum vegetables' magic.

Recommended are: ends of the Little Gem salads, the end of leeks and celery sticks.

  1. Leave clean veggie ends to root in water. (cca 1 week)
  2. When you can see roots, re-plant it into a small pot with drainage (put rocks on the bottom to cover the holes in the bottom of the pot) and cover in soil. Salads are able to grow only in water, in case you don't see any roots, just leave it grow in a water cup.
  3. Water it, let it grow, harvest and rejoice.

Now it's also the time to sow some vegetable seeds into the soil. Without pre-sprouting, you can sew radishes, carrots and lettuces.

If you accept the challenge and grow some of your veggies, don't forget to tag us @paktastudio.

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