The Natural RUKSAK was the first bag ever made under the PAKTA Studio brand. It’s design has embodied the brands’ principles and visuals.

A robust rolltop backpack which lets you be prepared for everything the day throws at you. Made from unbleached, impregnated cotton canvas printed with black ink, and paired with black metal components to create a wonderful contrast, reminiscent of ink calligraphy on natural paper.

Maker's Pick: Natural RUKSAK

Despite its crisp appearance and light colour, the RUKSAK has never not been intended to be used to it’s full potential. As the canvas wears down, the structure softens. Scuffs and marks don’t compromise its appearance, as it was never snow-white to begin with.

Maker's Pick: Natural RUKSAK

Personally, I have this romantic view on scuffs and fading. It reminds me not to be too precious with my items, but also of the times when we were kids purposefully making white canvas shoes dirty so they look well used to give us more ‘street credit’. I guess there’s something so innocently beautiful about marks.

I chose to feature this bag in particular in this Makers Pick because this bag is your canvas. You can keep it crisp clean or you can just let it develop a patina, and it’ll be a true reflection of your lifestyle, telling your story.

Maker's Pick: Natural RUCKSAK

I have worn mine from day one until now, and it has endured everything along the way; from flights to mountain hikes, to numerous trips and regular days of everyday wear in the bitter snowy winter and the warm summer showers.
Maker's pick: Natural Rucksak

...And I’m still yet to find a backpack I love more.

-Hana, co-founder



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