Some Eco-Conscious Gift Wrapping Tips


From small ones to large ones - I love to wrap gifts, it’s one of my favourite things about Christmas. Now that the majority of you have all your gifts sorted out - I’d like to share some tips to keep this festive period waste free.

1. What do I wrap the gifts in?

When me and my brother were kids we used to make fun on my grandma’s habit of keeping all the used wrapping paper each year so she can reuse it next year. Now I don’t think of it as silly at all. If you think about it, we invest money into Christmas themed wrapping paper just to wrap a present in it for couple of hours and toss it out afterwards. Majority of this paper has a plastisol coating which contains toxic solvents - therefore it’s non-compostable. Some of it has waxed lining which makes it non-recyclable.

Packaging in Kraft paper

Use up what you have around the house. If there’s leftover wrapping paper - use it, of course. If you had a delivery which was wrapped in tissue or kraft paper, that’s a perfect solution which is practically free. Our packages are ready to be gifted. The present is wrapped, no price tag is present - just take the delivery address off the box and it’s good to go!

If you find it difficult to wrap an irregularly shaped gift in paper - wrap it in an old scarf or scrap fabric piece.

2. What do I secure the wrapping paper with?

Ok, maybe this isn’t a question which is on your mind right now, but it definitely should be. Replace cellophane sticky tapes with paper options like masking tape, washi tape or kraft tape. Majority of paper tape options are are completely biodegradable, recyclable and repulpable, whereas plastic tape is made from petroleum - a non-renewable fossil fuel.

Opt for pape tapes

Opt for paper tape

To avoid buying a new tape, try packing the gifts WITHOUT using any adhesive. I’m talking about a Japanese method of wrapping boxes by folding the paper diagonally around the present. I recommend practising it with a Youtube tutorial first, as it’s a definitely a learning curve, but it’s also a fun challenge. Kerim’s definitely better at this than I am though. Here's a link to a video we used as a guide.

Packing gifts without tape

3. And how do i decorate it?

I personally don’t like to decorate presents too much, but I like the good old bow. For that i recommend a paper twine or a jute rope as both of these options are compostable. To give the gift a more luxurious vibe I’d say use cotton ribbon. Just make sure it’s made of 100% cotton. To top it all off, you can incorporate some pine twigs or pom-poms made from cotton strings. You can also keep these with your paper for next year too.


Hope you found any of these tips helpful and that you’ll be able to enjoy this Christmas mindfully and relatively waste free with your loved ones.

x Hana & Kerim

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