The last days of the Workshop & Store

Much like we prototype and experiment with our products, the Workshop and Store was an experiment we didn't quite feel worked out in this form. The Pakta Studio Workshop & Store will be permanently closed on the 30th June.

Why we're moving out?

We started the Workshop and Store with the idea of it being an unconventional space, a space which blended the making and designing of our products with a traditional store. We've noticed that over time, what started out as both a store and a workshop, has more and more become a studio, and less a shop. In order to make this distinction clearer for our customers, but also for ourselves, we decided to move back to a private studio.

For several months, we had been considering the idea of closing the Workshop and Store. The current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic did not necessarily make the decision for us, but rather accelerated what was already going to happen.

From a financial point of view, the Workshop & Store's expenses exceeded the revenue the space generated. Many of our orders still came from online, and we felt this impacted how we operated. It made us focus more on driving sales to pay our expenses, rather than focusing on innovation and quality.

What we've learned?

The Workshop & Store has been a wonderful learning experience for us, in a both personal and professional way.

It has pushed us to learn better how to run a business, something which us, as two designers, have never done for a longer period of time. It also pushed us to turn up when we were not feeling motivated, and has taught us a lot about how we work, how we interact with our customers, and how to balance work and life outside of it.

It has taught us that, as beautiful as an idea can be, it has to be financially sustainable in order to work. And that from each failure we can gain experience, new energy, and pivot into testing new ideas.

What does this mean?

This change only really effects those of you in Bratislava. You'll still be able to find us online, and we aim to improve and minimise our shipping costs in order to keep our products accessible to you.

We're sending a truly heartfelt thank you to all of those who have supported and celebrated this chapter with us. It's been a wonderful experience and we're looking forward to the next new chapter.

- Hana & Kerim

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